Heinz Jungermann

Heinz Jungermann is an expert in complex transactions and strategic corporate management. Since 1993 he has provided advice and support at board and management level to companies operating on an international scale.

With a focus on industries and companies that offer a high level of innovation and are positioned in dynamic markets, Heinz Jungermann has many years of experience in business and project development.

His specialist field is renewable energy, in particular photovoltaic/solar energy. He manages international projects of varying size and complexity in a professional and efficient manner and stays abreast of developments in the key markets in Europe, Asia, America, India and the Middle East.

Before founding bjcc. Heinz Jungermann was a member of the international management team of a large corporation and managing partner of a medium-sized company involved in plant engineering, which grew under his direction to become an international market leader.


Heinz Jungermann

Professional Engineer
Top Executive Consultant
Expert in Business Development and Strategic Partnerships



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