Effective implementation of strategies

How should projects be developed to achieve the company objectives? What is the aim of a particular project? How to assess risks and opportunities? How will financing be assured through all phases of the project? Which people are responsible for the project and what is their level of expertise? How can the different interests of project partners be incorporated?

Innovations and developments are increasingly carried out in project form. There are high cost and time pressures. Projects often run in parallel and operate on an interdependent, cross-company basis. bjcc initiates, develops and manages complex projects – often in cooperation with partners, with whom it has forged long-term relationships.

Always professional and efficient, bjcc. works together with the client to devise project aims and a systematic project structure that ensures transparency in all decision-making processes. Through constructive dialogue with all concerned the different interests are incorporated from the start – and clear implementation steps are defined and realised.

We know from our experience in project development and implementation, in particular in a multinational context, that it is essential to have systematic process management and constructive communication in order to achieve long-term success.


Feasibility Study
Business Plan
Search for partners and investors
Evaluation of technical concepts
Project Management


Industry focus

Renewable energy
Machinery and plant engineering
Manufacturing industry
Surface engineering
Local authorities